Crafty Ramen opens production facility

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Crafty Ramen, creator of first-of-its-kind at-home ramen experience, announced today a new production facility opening in Waterloo.

The nearly 5,000 sq.-ft. space will become the company’s primary location for meal kit assembly and market item production, boosting capacity to more than 10,000 meal kits a week. This will enable Crafty Ramen to keep up with increased demand and plans for continued delivery and grocery expansion across Canada.

“To us, this new space represents endless possibilities,” said Miki Ferrall, Crafty Ramen co-founder and VP of operations. “It gives us the runway to push Crafty to new places and bring our ramen experience to more people. It also opens up opportunities for our team, giving them more avenues to learn and grow as we do.”

“Northern Warmer” from Crafty Ramen/

In addition to supporting Crafty Ramen’s ever-growing subscriber base, the facility will also serve as a new research and development test kitchen and marketing hub. The space can accommodate more than 50 people on production at a given time, enabling Crafty to better serve existing and future customers while opening new job opportunities to support local talent in the community.

The new facility has also freed up Crafty Ramen’s Kitchener restaurant, allowing the company to reopen its dining room after nearly 18 months as an interim meal kit assembly area.

“Our quality, our creativity and our commitment to constant improvement live in everything we do, wherever we are,” said Khalil Khamis, Crafty Ramen partner and CEO.

“We’re so excited to finally be taking our first major step toward large-scale delivery, with the ability to share the Crafty experience across Canada and beyond in the coming year.”

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