Chevaps for breakfast at Jasna’s DTK

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Front-of-house discombobulations sent the wrong dishes to tables, but it also offered the opportunity to eat more scrumptious chevaps at Jasna’s European Meat and Deli.

My breakfast went to a neighbouring table, while I got that table’s beautifully grilled half-dozen or so sausages — chevaps made from beef, lamb and veal — swaddled in a pillowy soft bun that, spongelike and eager, sopped up the seasoned juices.

Chevap and lepinja: a classic pairing (Photo/andrewcoppolino.com).

Mea culpa: when the plate arrived, I couldn’t help myself. Given the aroma and drippy-juiciness of the chevaps, I grabbed the kaimak, slathered it on and munched away only to realize, too late, what I had done.

The other table, quite diplomatically, said they were quite happy with my breakfast — and then promptly ordered again the dish I had unintentionally nicked.

My hastiness was the catalyst that prompted a second visit to Jasna’s: at that time, two eggs and four chevaps arrived — breakfast is served and all’s right with the world — along with crispy hot fries and Jasna’s well-loved lepinja.

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On Courtland at Benton (Photo/andrewcoppolino.com).

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