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Burgers have come a long way from “two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, on a sesame-seed bun,” there’s a time and place for those, no doubt.

Fast food joints to upscale bistros make burgers, some refined and tame, others more exuberant and overflowing.

Here’s a short selection of burgers, with many more possibilities out there.

Crazy Canuck, Waterloo and downtown Kitchener
With two locations to pick from, Crazy Canuck has about a half-dozen burgers in its repertoire, including the eponymous “Crazy Canuck (not pictured here):” two patties, two-times the bacon, mushrooms, twice the cheese, crispy onions and other fixins.’

There are a few Crazy Canuck burgers to enjoy/Crazy Canuck.

The Bent Elbow, Kitchener
The burger menu changes regularly: it could be beer-braised beef with horseradish and Provolone, or it could meat patty with a tube steak inside. Often, it’s custom ground beef with beer-braised onions (when Harold cooks, it involves a lot of beer, in a couple of ways) and house-cured bacon.

Always beer involved at Bent Elbow/Bent Elbow.

Beertown, Waterloo
On occasion, Beertown has slammed a couple of onion rings into their burger (as pictured), but the standard one, the Beertown Big, is good too: two ground beef patties, smoked bacon, Cheddar, special sauce, lettuce, tomato, pickles, toasted sesame bun. That sounds kinda familiar.

The Beertown Big/Beertown.

Obies Bar & Grille, Cambridge
Obie’s towering burger know as the Cliff Hanger “isn’t on the menu” (wink wink), but there are other slightly smaller options too, including an interesting chorizo and elk burger.

Obie’s Bar & Grille “Cliff Hanger”/Obie’s.

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