“Be patient!” The return to normal

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Update …

I posted this as indoor dining was returning a little while ago. But now, there is another “new normal” that requires us to be patient with restaurant staff (and, hell, anyone in job where they interact with the public).

Be cool, be kind, and be patient as you transact business. Help the staff do the extra steps they have to do!


Some customers are hesitant, and some are rude. But nevertheless, restaurants are trying to return to normal and give their patrons a good indoor dining experience.

All front-of-house staff are asking for patience and kindness.

In New Hamburg, Scran and Dram Scottish Public House has had a large number of customers on their large patios — the weather is the prime driver — with a few tables of customers inside, for which the transition was relatively simple, according to manager Ryan Horne.

“This is our third time reopening, so it’s just a matter of cleaning and polishing and re-arranging. Measuring tables and distancing everything and making sure everything is compliant. Realistically, it’s a pretty smooth transition for us,” Horne, pictured above, said, noting that while capacity inside is 160 people, the dining room has been significantly reduced to meet distancing requirements.

The first few days didn’t see a significant increase in people wanting to be inside, Horne said.

“I think people are still hesitant or just want to see how things go a little bit. There’s a lot of faces that we haven’t seen for a while, whether they don’t like the heat outside or are waiting until they feel safer,” he said.

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