Roti and Ethiopian coffee in DTK

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At Rade’s Restaurant and Bar, an Ethiopian restaurant in downtown Kitchener, chef-owner Okuba Tefsa carries a large platter of freshly made injera loaded with colourful dollops of lentils, cabbage, chickpeas and spinach resembling, perhaps, an artist’s paint palette.

The foundation of the platter, a spongy and tasty flatbread, is a staple in Ethiopia and Eritrea and takes several days to prepare and let ferment.

When it arrives at the table, you tear pieces of the injera and use it as a utensil to pick up morsels of the various vegetables, meats and legumes. It’s a great dish for sharing.

Rade’s chef-owner Okuba Tefsa with shakshuka & ambasha bread (

“Injera is made from teff,” Tefsa says of the flour made from the grass variety found in the Horn of Africa.

“It’s gluten free and is a special food in Ethiopia and Eritrea,” he adds. “We add different kinds of spices and it’s eaten with beef, chicken and any kind of vegetable.”

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