Snax for cider sippin’ at Revel Cider Guelph

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While cider might fly under the radar compared to craft beer, Revel Cider has taken a very big bite of the apple (and pear) on their way to putting the beverage on the map. The Guelph-based cidery opened in 2014 and now presses enough fruit to crush out about 1,000 cases of cider, in bottles or cans, each month.

They’ve mastered a host of processes and science that start with farmed and foraged fruit and other wild ingredients and taming yeasts and fermentation to turn delicious fruit juice into something even more enticing.

A glass of Eon cider, a fusion and collaboration (Photo/

Revel’s handiwork includes arcane but tempting concoctions like Lees Blanc that pairs perry (fermented russet pear juice) and Riesling wine (“orange”-tinged from skin contact) which is fermented “on lees” (spent yeast cells).

Their amphora-fermented Scoria is cider, perry and Montmorency cherries proffering aromas of hibiscus and yellow cherries with echinacea and rosehip jam on the palate.

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