Healthy boxes from Lucky Belly Food Co.

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If I had my druthers I’d choose to crush a fried chicken and waffle sandwich with bacon and maple-butter sauce, a nicely fatty pulled-pork taco with garlic aioli, or a “black and blue” braised beef sammie loaded with sweet caramelized onion, aioli and the sharp tang of blue cheese.

Oh, I’d also slip in a side of mac ‘n’ cheese bites too (though perhaps not in one sitting).

These dishes and more are available at Lucky Belly Food Co., the standalone casual-eats venue that shares a parking lot with a conventional retail strip mall and its franchises, at the corner of Woolwich Street and Woodlawn Road East.

At Woodlawn and Woolwich, Guelph (Photo/

The building is a former fish and chips joint. Before that, it was a Dairy Queen. Now it’s a busy restaurant and takeout counter hosting people picking up orders, delivery drivers and dine-in customers.

The kitchen, led by owner Dino Roumel, is usually hopping — serving the 45-seat restaurant, with another 25 seats on the patio.

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