UG’s non-dairy cheese for grilled cheese

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It looks like cheese, melts like cheese, even stretches like cheese. But it’s not cheese. 

At least, not a cheese made from milk.

Researchers in the Department of Food Science at the University of Guelph have been working on a “cheese analogue” — a non-dairy cheese — that they are confident is more nutritious and better suited for a variety of cooking applications than many non-dairy cheese products currently on the market.

“This is a new plant-based cheese. A lot of other products don’t stretch or melt, or have [milk-based cheese’s] high nutritional value,” said researcher Stacie Dobson, a Ph.D. student in food science at the university.

“We’re using the fundamental knowledge that we have about plant-protein ingredients to create something that has the desired texture and taste.”

Dobson, left, and Marangoni of UG Food Science (Photo/andrewcoppolino).

For several years, Dobson has been creating iterations of plant-based cheese and testing them in foods such as grilled sandwiches, striving to perfect the recipe.

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