Two new fried chicken joints

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Fried chicken has been a favourite treat that has had a host of purveyors in the quick-service sector for decades. That includes KFC, Popeye’s and Mary Brown’s Chicken — a distinctly Canadian operation that grew out of Newfoundland in the 1970s and expanded into 200 locations across the country.

The popular dish is also found at many independent restaurants somewhere on their menu, either as tenders, nuggets, full pieces – boneless or not – and tucked into sandwiches and wraps.

Restaurants such as Waterloo’s Bauer Kitchen and Kitchener’s Darlise Café have chicken sandwiches on their menus, as does a long list of full-service, full-menu venues too numerous to mention.

There are also more restaurants, such as Waterloo’s Wildcraft, serving plant-based fried “chick’n” wings.

Qasim, left, and Irfan Darsot of Big D’s Hot Chicken (Photo/

When it comes to variety, and often using potato starch for crispiness, you will also find karaage – Japanese and Korean fried chicken and some of the best around – at a number of locations locally: Jinzakaya, Watami and Seoul Soul Waterloo, and Kinkaku Izakaya and Crafty Ramen in Kitchener and Guelph, where there is also Coco Chicken.

Other chicken versions include Juicy Birds Waterloo and Penny’s Hot Chicken, also in Waterloo. Rooster’s in the University Shops Plaza serves Halal fried chicken, chicken sandwiches, chicken on rice, platters, smash burgers, poutine and pizza.

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