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Guelph’s ‘The Better Food Co.’ (BFC) and Market Fresh executive chef Jason Hanoski’s June dish has just dropped: it’s a gluten-free arancini baked crisp with sesame seeds.

The BFC is a food component of Hope House, a poverty relief agency that provides services to anyone in need in the Guelph area, whether they are employed or not.

Each month hundreds of meals are made to serve people in need while raising funds for both BFC’s Food Market and the roughly eight acres of land called North Field Food Farm that BFC rents from Ignatius Farm.

Better Food Co. volunteer preps ingredients for Food Market meals (Photo/Hope House).

Necessity seemed to be the mother of invention; with the bounty of fresh produce coming out of North Field — approximately 4,500 kg a year — Hope House asked themselves how they could best use it. The answer was to create a food company.

“We asked, how can we serve amazing meals and do something really wonderful with the farm? So, The Better Food Co. is a social enterprise that takes fresh produce from the farm and partners with chefs in the community to make 300 meals every month,” says Tara Hoyte, Hope House communications manager.

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