Best hummus in the region?

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It’s controlled chaos. In the parking lot, dining room, point-of-sale counter and the back of house: it’s Family Day at Arabesque Family Restaurant on Victoria Street in Kitchener.

Wait staff buzz between tables, cooks step around each other — one of whom is slicing shawarma from its 200-pound skewer — front-of-house staff ring up orders and a queue of five or six takeout bags await pickup by customers.

Two of the bags are mine — two, because I ordered an extra hummus — and I decided on takeout for the evening meal based on an inside tip I received from Arabesque co-owner Mamoun Yanes.

“It’s crazy busy on Family Day,” Yanes had exclaimed to me earlier on the phone. “Sometimes we have to stop taking orders on these special days.”

Arabesque co-owner Mamoun Yanes (Photo/

I made the right decision, given the hungry families waiting to be seated. I also made the right decision to add more hummus to my order: many local fans of Middle Eastern cooking claim Arabesque, which opened in 2009, makes the best hummus in the region.

That may be difficult to quantify, but the hummus ranking must be right near the top ….

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