Steak frites: Wednesday Food Word

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Steak-frites, or just plain ol’ “steak fries” (the former making them sound all fancy), are a favourite dish of mine.

Steak frites is a common bistro and brasserie menu in many European countries and in North America as well. With their claim to having invented French fries, Belgian cuisine also claims steak frites as their creation too.

Steak frites at L’Express Montreal (Photo/

I don’t really care where they came from: they are usually good wherever you find them!

Here are two examples you can find in Waterloo Region.

A charbroiled 8-oz flat-iron steak with roasted cipollini onions, house-cut Yukon Gold fries, truffle aioli, chimichurri and a peppercorn sauce.

Proof offers a few cuts of meat to which can be added frites: try the char-grilled Denver cut Wagyu “centre under blade” with thrice-cooked Yukon Gold frites.

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