Rice, tater tots ‘n’ chicken tenders

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A Lanc Platter, Lancaster Smokehouse
The “Lanc Lot Patio” is up and running. Get some sort of shareable platter for two with three meats, two sides and corn bread (that’s quite a bit to eat!). Those sides could include tater tots, dilly coleslaw or sweet potato fries.

Lanc platters: lots to eat! (Photo/Lanc).

Thai Street-Style Fried Rice (pictured above), Choun Kitchen
A small kitchen in a restaurant tucked along the side of a building on the main drag in Hespeler, Choun Kitchen relies on home-style and family recipes for some of its inspiration. The fried rice is the Jasmine variety and eggs, carrots, onions, bok choy and seasoning sauce. You can add a protein for a couple extra bucks.

Chicken tenders, Chef on Call
I certainly remember serving them to the kids. We called them chicken strips or “chicken fingers,” and for me the tenders easily qualify as a plate of nostalgia, a comfort food that transcends generations. And, yes, served with fries (try the curly fries) and home-made honey-Dijon dipping sauce, they’re pretty damn good.

Panko-breaded daily (Photo/andrewcoppolino.com).

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