Local frozen pizzas have upped their game

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David O’Leary was selling frozen pizzas before the pandemic through his Kitchener, Ont., company Bread Heads, but sales have increased over the past two years as more people stayed home due to COVID-19 restrictions.

He says he’s experimented with different techniques and has found a cooking method that works for him. He par-bakes the crusts, allowing them to cool, before adding the toppings and then freezing the pizzas.

Frozen Bread Heads pizza ready for delivery (Photo/David O’Leary).

When a customer gets it home, the pie goes in the oven at a high temperature and comes out quickly.

“It should be as hot as possible for as short a time as possible to get a good result,” O’Leary said, adding that he’s happy with the way the pizzas finish cooking after being frozen.

“Frozen is not the same as our fresh pizzas right out of the oven, but they’re darn good.”

For more about the local frozen pizza scene, visit CBC-KW.

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