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Chefs love cookbooks. They are inspired by them and many imagine writing their own book to express who they are as a cook and define the cuisine to which they have dedicated many of their waking hours. When published, the often-hefty tomes are impressionistic narratives, a fusion of recipes and photographs that represent the cook-author’s ideas and thoughts about food.

Langdon Hall Executive Chef Jason Bangerter is one of those cooks who was inspired by cookbooks.

“The cookbook is a way you studied food, how you looked to see and understand what other cooks are doing, around the world, really. As a young cook, I collected tons of cookbooks,” he says.

A Bangerter dish with compressed watermelon and Langdon Hall flowers (Photo/

Bangerter began work on his own cookbook endeavor several years ago together with Chris Johns and photographer Colin Faulkner. Langdon Hall: A Cookbook (Penguin, 2022), captures the restaurant and country-house hotel in its time and place in Waterloo Region.

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