Thanks Harmony Lunch! And so long.

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It’s sad to learn today that a long-time mainstay in the food scene in Waterloo Region is closing its doors permanently on January 24.

The Harmony Lunch, an Uptown Waterloo institution since 1930, will be no more.

I always liked the restaurant a lot, both old and new version. I, and many other people, will always remember going there as a kid and being amazed at the mountain of onions and the delicious pork sliders. With a coke and fries, it was a diner classic.

But, the vagaries of business and economics dictate — the following are comments from
Fat Sparrow Group, the Harmony owners.

So long Harmony. And thanks.


Fat Sparrow Group reopened Harmony Lunch in 2017 after it closed after 86 years of operation in the fall of 2016.  Fat Sparrow, together with partner HIP Developments who had purchased the property, wanted to preserve the Harmony Lunch legacy and undertook building renovations and a menu update with a focus on honoring what made Harmony Lunch great; its nostalgic retro diner atmosphere and its famous pork sliders loaded with fried onions.

Unfortunately, continual and prolonged LRT and streetscape construction throughout the Uptown and more specifically directly in front of Harmony Lunch have proven to be an insurmountable challenge.

Fat Sparrow enjoyed the honor of carrying the torch of a piece of Waterloo history and credits its hard-working staff and the fiercely loyal support of burger lovers across the Region for keeping the onions cooking and the doors open at Harmony Lunch for the last 3 years

Fat Sparrow would like to thank its staff whose hard work and dedication is appreciated; its suppliers and vendors, KW food lovers, the Marks Family for entrusting us with the Harmony Lunch legacy, and HIP Developments whose commitment to preserving the character of Uptown Waterloo is unwavering.

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