Avocado toast at Korner Kitchen

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[A message on Korner Kitchen website:

“As always, we will be offering Curbside Pickup or Delivery (Orders can be placed by clicking the link below). Please call us at 519-578-8555 to place your order or Order Online from our website. Once your order is fulfilled it will be placed safely into your trunk when ready. Please see the bottom of the page for slight changes in our hours of operation.

As of Friday, July 16th, Korner Kitchen will be open for indoor and patio dining, while observing official distancing regulations established by the Government of Ontario.

As always, we are fully committed to maintaining a safe environment for our valued guests. Thank you for your patience and understanding! We hope to see you soon!”]


[Previously published]
Among the first words you read on the popular restaurant’s website are “today’s fast paced world,” where “we are all busy.” I’ll surmise that everyone gets that.

There is an irony: when you visit Korner Kitchen, on Weber Street North in Waterloo, you witness the fast pace at which it operates and how hugely busy it can be. The parking lot, which encircles the restaurant, has pretty much been full every time I go by.

That’s the result of creating a business with the paradigm of “build-it-very-well-and-they-will-come”: success through preparing good food consistently and with good value.

Read more about the Korner Kitchen in Waterloo Chronicle, here.

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