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I want to explore new worlds!

During the last 15 years, I’ve been very happy to support, promote and advocate for local restaurants, chefs, farmers and food businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Essentially, much of my work – a labour of love, in fact – has been spent as a de facto ambassador for food in Waterloo Region. It has been a role that I have been passionate about and which has evolved organically through working alongside and connecting with the wonderful food entrepreneurs in the Region’s three cities and four townships.

“There is nothing constant but change.”

As that reach has grown and matured, it’s time to expand what I am doing to include a wider territory. To that end, “Waterloo Region Eats” will soon be changing to “Andrew Coppolino – World of Flavour.” 

My concept is to evolve in order to have more engagement with more of the industry, both here and farther afield. To aid in this growth, I have partnered with long-time businessman and fellow (self-proclaimed) food-industry zealot Michael Lutzmann to form the company World of Flavour. Together we will bring you the best of food, wine and travel as we taste our way around the globe (and give you opportunities to join us).

Waterloo Region has a lot of great food and farmers (Image/ROW).

Waterloo Region will continue to be my home-town hub and remain an important part of my life and work. But I’m looking forward to building more connections and discovering more when it comes to food, wine and travel with the new website www.andrewcoppolino.com.

“Local food” is always changing

I’ve learned that the idea of “local food” is fluid and ever-changing. Through my new focus, I will explore inside and outside of our immediate local sphere—a sphere that has changed so much in such a very short time to become, I believe, a robust food scene that rivals any in the province, the country and the world.

Growing! (Photo/Zac Jolliffe).

So, continue to follow me online (and please sign up for the newsletter; the form is on this page, upper right corner).

Follow the new website and food blog

The website waterlooregioneats.com will soon merge with andrewcoppolino.com. Waterloo Region Eats on Facebook will soon merge with Andrew Coppolino – World of Flavour (@ACWorldofFlavour). 

I will slowly begin to tweet from @andrewcoppolino rather than @WatRegionEats on Twitter. Likewise, on Instagram, you will now find me at @andrewcoppolino. Find our new company page “Andrew Coppolino – World of Flavour” on LinkedIn simply by searching that name.

One thing will never change: I will always be sharing food experiences that are  educational, entertaining – and delicious.

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