Secret menu dinner at LOT42

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The Chef’s Table in The Kitchen at LOT42 on Ardelt Avenue, Kitchener, is having a dinner event on February 15.

There’s a certain mystery element to the courses, however. All I know is that there’s some ingredients coming from Tanjo Family Farm.

The series lets The Kitchen culinary team collaborate on a unique cooking, and therefore unique dining, experience, according to B Hospitality sous chef Reeghan Peister.

“The concept for this dinner was trying to keep it simple but refined and well-cooked food. We as a team are excited about the opportunity to work with some of the smaller local farms and businesses in the area,” Peister said.

The multi-course dinner is available with or without wine pairings.

Tanjo Family Farm is located in Millbank, Ont., and they raise a number of different birds and water fowl — so my hunch is pheasant or duck is a course. “We got to take a team trip to the farm to pick them up to dry age for seven days,” Peister said of the excursion that the cooks were happy to take.

And I’m happy that the cooks are happy — and I look forward to what seeing what the menu actually is! I love these kinds of events and so do the chefs, according to Peister.

“We don’t get to do a lot of small, intimate dinners like this, so it gets us pretty stoked,” he said.

The event is February 15. For more information, visit here. Check it out right away: it’s a small venue, so it will likely sell out.

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